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10 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

  • Author Jamie Oliver
  • Published February 28, 2019
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Going to the dentist is not something we look forward to. Most of us can’t bear to have our teeth checked and worked on, but we also don’t make an extra effort to take care of our teeth.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to maintain healthy teeth, and most practices for healthy teeth don’t require any drastic changes to your daily routine. These are the 10 best practices for healthy teeth that any South Harrow dentist would recommend.

  1. Don’t forget to brush

We grew up being told that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, and this is ingrained in our minds. However, we don’t always brush our teeth twice a day. Sometimes, we are just too lazy to get this simple task done.

Ideally, you should be brushing your teeth not twice a day, but after meals, especially if you have any sweet treats.

  1. Before you go to bed

This practice is still about brushing your teeth, but it seemed important that brushing your teeth before going to bed is listed as a separate point. The reason being that this step in our night-time routine is one we usually skip.

Brushing in the morning is a must for most, if not all, of us, but by the time we are ready for bed, we sometimes skip brushing our teeth. When this becomes a habit, you’ll be doing a lot of harm to your teeth.

  1. Technique matters

Rubbing your toothbrush against your teeth a few times is better than nothing but it’s not enough. If you want healthy teeth, you must use a proper brushing technique. This includes brushing both the front and back of your teeth, as well as reaching into the corners of your mouth.

Our teeth in the back are often neglected because our brush doesn’t reach them. Visit a dentist at Neem Dental Clinic, for instance, and get their advice on proper technique and what changes you should make to your current technique.

  1. It’s not only about your teeth

When you are brushing your teeth, you may only be focusing on your teeth. However, if you want healthy teeth and good oral health, you will also want to pay attention to your tongue. Don’t forget to gently brush your tongue too.

  1. Flossing is important

The bristles of your toothbrush may be thin, but they won’t get to anything collecting between your teeth. Food often gets stuck between our teeth, and if you don’t clean between your teeth, it can lead to decay.

This is why any Tamil dental clinic would recommend flossing.

  1. So is mouthwash

When we think about mouthwash, we tend to associate it with bad breath and shiny white teeth, and this is mostly due to advertisements. However, mouthwash also helps maintain healthy teeth.

Accounting to South Harrow dentists, mouthwash cleans areas of the mouth not reached by a toothbrush, reduces the amount of acid in the mouth, and re-mineralises teeth.

  1. Use a good toothpaste

When we shop for toothpaste, we may think the only difference is in flavours. We may pick a certain product because we like the flavour or because it promises whitening.

However, what you need to make sure of is that the toothpaste contains fluoride. If you aren’t sure of a brand, you can ask your dentist during your next appointment.

  1. Change your eating habits

Are you used to midnight snacks? Sweets between meals? Sweetened drinks? If you want healthy teeth, you may have to give up on some of these. Limiting sugary and acidic food will do wonders to your teeth, and any Tamil dental clinic will confirm this.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you add crunchy fruits and vegetables to your diet, as these are good for your teeth. Don’t forget to also drink more water, especially since water cleans out your mouth.

  1. Regular visits to your dentist

You should be visiting your dentist at least twice a year. If you have a preferred South Harrow dentist, for instance, Neem Dental Clinic, make it a point to visit them bi-annually. Regular check-ups will allow your dentist to detect decay early on.

  1. Don’t postpone treatment

As terrified as you may be of dental procedure, get your teeth treated before it’s too late. If your dentist recommends you get your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled, don’t delay it or wait until the next time the pain is unbearable.