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Primary Care Physician in Utah County

  • Author Travis Potter
  • Published January 16, 2019
  • Word count 410

Your doctor has two primary tasks, to prevent you from becoming sick and to help you recover when you do. The only way your primary care physician can do those two things is if you visit them regularly. Unfortunately, the outrageous premiums, deductibles, and limited coverage of insurance often keep you and others from seeing your doctor when needed. What if there was a way to visit your doctor without all the hassle of insurance? Would you be more likely to go when needed? Direct primary care (DPC) offers a solution that makes that possible, here’s how.

Flat Rates

Do you have a cell phone plan or a video streaming service? With both services, you pay a flat monthly rate based on the number of devices in your plan. Direct primary care works the same way. With DPC families pay monthly fees averaging $35 per adult and $10 per children. For a family of four, monthly DPC payments are only $90. Compare that to the average health care premium of $440 a month for individuals and DPC is a no brainer.

No Deductibles

Insurance companies charge you hundreds of dollars a month for health care coverage. But, before they even cover any of your costs, you have to pay in the neighborhood of $2,500 out of your own pocket. What’s more, insurance doesn’t cover all of your necessary health care services. Direct primary care doesn’t have deductibles or hidden fees. Instead, you and your family get 24/7 access to your doctor and their services for the flat rate. With DPC you can see your doctor twice a year or six times a month for the same price. What’s more, your payments cover over 90% of your family’s primary care needs.

Higher Quality Care

Do you ever feel like you spend forever waiting in doctor’s front lobby before they see you? Then when you do get to see your doctor, you’re in and out in less than 15 minutes and your short $100? Insurance companies are one of the biggest reasons for that. Traditionally, primary care physicians earn more money by seeing more patients in a shorter amount of time and billing insurance companies for the services provided. The same doctors also lose money by paying full-time staff to bill the insurance companies. Direct primary care eliminates the middle man of insurance. Consequently, DPC physicians spend less time worrying about money and billing and more time providing their patients with high-quality care.