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High Success Rate of Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in India

  • Author Anan Adisa
  • Published January 8, 2019
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Tubal ligation reversal surgery is a surgery which helps anyone to have a tubal ligation in her body so as to make the pregnancy work for her. The global patients looking out for solutions for their issues head to India only for the high tubal ligation reversal success rate that is promised to them at an affordable cost. This has been the key benefits for global patients to enjoy.

Why is Tubal Reversal Done?

When this surgical procedure is carried out, it promises high tubal ligation reversal success rate. This is done when the female eggs enter the fallopian tube wherein one can find the pregnancy occurring. There are a number of factors to be considered while considering the reverse tubal ligation. This is primarily done to get rid of the issues one can have while wanting to conceive. Hence doing this surgery can give a woman the potentiality to deliver the child, which was prevented earlier.

Who Can Have Tubal Reversal Surgery?

Anyone who had undergone the Tubal ligation surgery can be the candidate for this surgery provided she is willing to conceive. Generally speaking, the following women become the candidate for the same:

  • The overall health of the women choosing this surgery plus checking whether how fallopian tubes are blocked and surgically cut over the initial tubal ligation surgery

  • The general health and age of the woman

  • The fallopian tubes that remain intact for the reattachment

Risks and Complications of the Surgery:

Though one can get higher tubal ligation reversal success rate, the surgery like any other treatment offers you too many risks and complications, which are as under:

  • Infection

  • Scarring of the fallopian tubes

  • Bleeding

  • Injury to nearby organs

  • Anesthesia complications

  • Ectopic pregnancy-when we find the fertilized egg implants coming outside the uterus, which ends up giving the fallopian tube.

What about the Recovery after a Tubal Reversal?

When it comes to the recovery time, it depends upon a number of factors including the choice of surgery, choice of hospital and surgeon. Usually, the patient undergoing the surgery will have a complete recovery within a week or so. However, women may be kept away from doing tough jobs like excessive weight lifting things and other rigorous activities.

What is the Success Rate of Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Talking about the tubal ligation reversal success rate, it is certainly at the higher side. To be specific the success rate for the procedures – tubal ligation reversal surgery is recorded differently for the different age group women. Like for instance, the Women under 30 years are known to have 70 percent of the success rate of becoming pregnant.

Similarly, the women above 35 years of age have the success rate of around 62 percent, while, women with the age above 40 are known to have a success rate of about 34 percent. In other words, this surgical option is considered to be the best option and the best part is the tubal ligation reversal success rate that is promised with affordable tubal ligation reversal cost.

How Much Does Tubal Reversal Surgery Cost In India?

India in recent times has embarked with the idea of giving one of the best medical services, which certainly include tubal ligation reversal surgery. The basic reason is the low tubal ligation reversal cost, which also promises high tubal ligation reversal success rate. To be precise, the cost comes to around 6000 USD, while the same surgery can cost you around 25,000 USD hence one can imagine the difference between the two.