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Mobile Medical Clinics For Disaster Relief

  • Author Aleph Inc
  • Published December 5, 2017
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Not enough time goes by between natural disasters. Flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and even wildfires have had their turn this year, and they aren’t the only cards mother nature can throw at us. Communities devastated by natural disasters aren’t always able to turn to a hospital for medical aid or supplies. That’s why it’s important we look towards more rapid response systems that can reach these people and help them in times of need. That’s why must put our focus on mobile medical clinics and container hospitals.

A Quicker Response, A Smoother Recovery

Mobile medical clinics provide a way to send help to those who need it without bringing the entire hospital to them. A mobile medical clinic is ready to go in a moment’s notice; it takes only fuel and fresh water for it to ready up and be on its way. They traverse through the disaster area and stop at places like schools, churches and community centers where people generally tend to gather. Besides providing services such as primary care and more, mobile medical clinics are great for bringing in medicine to those who’re cut off from their own supply at home.

Bloodmobiles are much needed during the aftermath of a disaster. Thanks to the efforts of the community year-round, bloodmobiles can supply donations from blood drives to many patients who need blood transfusions or are under emergency operation.

Mobile command centers are just as vital as the ones above when it comes to disaster recovery. Those that operate mobile command centers can use it as a base for search and rescue, transporting people to portable emergency shelters, and a communication center for those wanting to let their friends and family know they’re okay.

While mobile health clinics help a lot of people, others may still need to get to a real hospital. Fortunately, there are still ways to bring a hospital to a disaster area without lifting one out of the ground. Nowadays we’re able respond with full shipping container hospitals. Placed side-by-side, these shipping containers turn into a portable hospital ward. Here, people have more complete access to healthcare and supplies.

Be Ready for the Next Disaster

Our line of work at Aleph Group Inc. doesn’t go untested. When a disaster hits, all of products find themselves on the front lines taking care of those recovering. We find our mobile health clinics, bloodmobiles, command centers and container hospitals we’ve designed and constructed out there responding to disasters anytime there is one.

If you’re part of the effort that helps communities recover from disaster, give us a call today at (951) 213-4815 and see how our products can be a big part of your next disaster relief program.