Boost your Immune system for winter – keep healthy

Boost your Immune system for winter

  • Author Lee Teusner
  • Published September 16, 2017
  • Word count 426

As the winter season approach, everyone starts to worry about the Colds and Flu which is ordinary in this season. Stay healthy can be challenging during this seasons. So, keep your immune system strong and balanced this winter and stay away from all the infections.

Your immune system is your protection guard:

Immune system mainly defends your body from the unhealthy substances such as fungi, virus and many other substances. A strong and healthy immune system can destroy these unhealthy substances easily while a weak immune system has no ability to fight with these kinds of unhealthy substances.

Keep your immune system Strong and healthy with herbs and nutrients:

There are a variety of herbs and nutrients are available in the world which can help you to strengthen your immune system. A balanced immune system makes you able to deal with the harmful substances.

Medicinal Mushrooms help you to maintain a healthy immune system with which your body can fight with the harmful substances. It is mainly used in the Chinese medicine over the years.

Vitamin D3 is the bioactive form of VitaminD which helps to maintain a healthy immune system. A significant number of Australians are vitamin D deficient due to inadequate sun freshening and dietary intake, once than the elderly at risk of a vitamin D lack.

Echinacea provides symptomatic assistance of mild upper respiratory tract infections, cold and flu and also helps to mitigate the duration of colds and flu. It supports the healthy immune system and conventionally used to sustain the congestion and fever.

Olive leaf comprises of high levels of oleuropein, which is responsible for its therapeutic activity. Olive leaf can help one’s to boost their immune system and is conventionally used for the relief of the symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections, cold and flu.

Zinc is avital elementthat plays an imperative role in the responses of immune system.Nowadays, Zinc deficiency is common in vegetarians, the elderly, pregnant women and adolescents which can lead to the weak immune system. Presence of Zinc element helps to provide the relief from the symptoms of cold, flu, etc. and it also aid the management of mild upper respiratory tract infections.

Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system. Fruits and vegetables are the great source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an oxidant that protects the body form harmful substances and helps us to keep our body healthy. Vitamin C may mitigate the risk of expanding the common cold and systematic supplementation helps to mitigate the seriousness of cold symptoms.