Are You Suffering From Allergies?

  • Author Richard Ludwig
  • Published October 11, 2012
  • Word count 460

The number of people who suffer from allergies seems to be growing with a constant rate. If you are one of the many unfortunate people affected by allergies, then keep reading. Allergies have long become an epidemic.

If you experience an allergy, you should definitely see your doctor or otherwise healthcare provider – that is unquestionable. But there are natural ways and resources for long-term treatments if you prefer herbal remedies, which have come a long way. The history of herbal tinctures dates back to 3000 BC from the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese cultures.

Many natural remedies have been proven helpful to numerous fellow people with allergic symptoms. Here are 14 home remedy tips to get you through the seasons more comfortably.

  1. These products are in general supportive for people with allergies: Bayberry, Echinacea, Wild Cherry Bark, Yarrow, Goldenseal Root, and Cayenne. They can be taken in any form, but recommended with a tea.

  2. Drink two large cups of Stinging Nettle tea or Cat’s Claw tea daily.

  3. Coriander helps with hay fever and skin rashes. Take a spoonful of coriander juice three times a day.

  4. For the duration of 4 weeks, drink a half to one cup of aloe vera juice per day.

  5. Eat plenty of natural yogurt every day. The bacteria of the yogurt has positive effects on the production of endogenous interferon that strengthens you in the fight against allergies.

  6. If you are not of the faint-hearted, eat a raw onion a day. Your flavanoid quercetin blocks the release of histamine in allergic reactions.

  7. For chronic allergy-related skin problems, take a sea salt bath twice a week for about 10 minutes each. Use about 2 to 6 lbs. of sea salt to about 50 gallons of water (a typical bath tub size). This creates an approximately two percent solution. When done, do not dry yourself, but rather wrap yourself in a towel and lie down for 1 to 2 hours well wrapped and covered.

  8. Avoid drinking white wine which often includes allergy-promoting histamine.

  9. Place one drop of eucalyptus oil in 2 tea spoons of vegetable oil. Use a cotton swab to coat the inside of your nose several times a day (allergic rhinitis).

  10. When taking a bath, add 5 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of eucalyptus oil to the water (at around 98 – 104 degrees). It relieves allergy symptoms.

  11. Experiencing burning and itching? Put a freshly grated coriander leaf on the affected skin.

  12. If the duration of an allergy leads to convulsive coughing, then try poison ivy supplements.

  13. Breastfeeding your baby as long as possible. This is a natural allergy-defense which is already established during pregnancy.

  14. Eat vitamin-rich foods if you want to fight your allergies. Especially vitamin C must be supplied to a greater extent. Add the following foods to your diet: Raw sauerkraut, peppers, tomatoes, grapefruit.