The Internal Benefits For Colloidal Silver

  • Author Karen Nelson
  • Published April 26, 2012
  • Word count 529

Colloidal Silver is used in alternative and holistic medicine as a natural anti-microbial. It’s useful for killing off a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Colloidal silver is a solution of purified water and silver particles. In short, the silver particles suffocates microorganisms.

In this manner, not only can microorganisms not reproduce, but they are killed off at a rapid pace. Not only this, but microorganisms never develop resistance to being attacked by silver solution. If all of these benefits

weren’t enough, another reason why many love using colloidal silver, is because it can be used both internally and externally, with little to no side effects. It’s also available for purchase over-the-counter.

Here is a look at the various ways that colloidal silver can be beneficial for one’s health and why people find silver solution useful:

Healing Viral Infections: When people come down with viral infections such as a cold or the flu, they will spray colloidal silver into the back of their mouths. The silver solution kills the virus that causes symptoms of illness. Many find that they are able to overcome their symptoms a lot faster in this way. Many also find that when they spray silver solution in their nostrils, they are able to overcome sinus infections as well.

Healing Bacterial Digestive Disorders: People suffer all sorts of bacterial digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, constipation, certain types of ulcers, and other conditions. Swallowing silver solution cleans out the bloodstream and kills unhealthy bacteria that builds up in the stomach lining and in the digestive track. When unhealthy bacterial strains are killed off with the silver solution, the uncomfortable digestive issues clear up. Not only this, but the body will do a better job of defending itself against these types of unhealthy bacteria in future, after the use of colloidal silver.

Again, many people love using colloidal silver in order to heal their internal conditions, because the silver solution doesn’t create resistance in the body. Not only this, but many find that they are relieved of their symptoms a lot faster than when they take prescribed antibiotics or antifungals. People won’t have to worry about the dangerous side effects that can affect them when they take traditional pharmaceutical products. However, some people who take colloidal silver internally might feel sick for a day or two. This isn’t a traditional side effect. This takes place because of what is known in alternative medicine as a healing reaction.

A healing reaction takes place when a large quantity of toxins and dead pathogens are being flushed from the body. As the silver solution is introduced to the bloodstream, it will kill all unhealthy pathogens. This die-off effect can cause people to feel as if they have a mild fever, or they might feel fatigued. However, these symptoms go away very quickly.

Practitioners of alternative and natural health like to see people experience a healing reaction, because this means that the silver solution is doing its job.

Finally, colloidal silver requires no prescription. It can be purchased online and it’s self-administered. This is a very useful solution to keep around the home, for all sorts of internal and external conditions.