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The History of Glasses

  • Author Hillary Glaser
  • Published March 28, 2012
  • Word count 578

Vision-correction technology has grown significantly over the last decade or two; however, if you think about where it all began, it has been completely revolutionized. Enjoy this slight history lesson about the glasses of yesteryear.

Interestingly enough, vision-correction has been around since early Chinese civilizations. There were several unique – compared to modern-day knowledge – techniques to help people see better. Our ancestors’ ancestors used tricks with water, gems, and of course: glass to improve their vision and succumb to their optical problems. They even made make-shift glasses out of lead, copper, and wood; while the frames were very heavy, they did just about anything to help them see better! With this said however, the first documented evidence of optically-natured equipment wasn’t until the thirteenth century. Roger Bacon began using magnifying glass within lenses, and the optical race commenced! However again, it was not until seven centuries later that history reveals the closest resemblance to the modern-day comfort and convenience of individually fit eyeglass lenses.

The glasses of today are no longer only worn to correct one’s vision problems, they are also used to create and enhance fashion trends! Available in nearly every color, size, shape, texture, and style conceivable, the Eyeglasses Frames industry has involved immensely. It wasn’t always like that, however. Barely fifty or sixty years ago, there seemed to be only two major options when it came to frame choices: either thick plastic frames or thin wire frames – both of which held heavy, glass lenses. There are a few problems with the glass lenses of yesteryear; one major one being their weight. Wearing glasses already puts pressure on your face, and particularly your nose. However, while the average person can get used to the light weight materials of modern-day, letting something of vast weight put pressure on your sinuses like that can cause serious headaches. Today, eyeglasses frames are typically made from light weight materials – even if they are plastic, while the lenses no longer consist of heavy glasses, but instead high grade, light weight plastic.

For a long time, you only had the option to buy your needed prescription eyeglasses from your local optician. With this monopolization on the optical industry, a major rise in prices occurred and prescription glasses quickly became a luxurious item you want, instead of an actual need for vision-correction. Luckily for all of the vision-impaired out there, the Internet has opened up a whole new opportunity to buy prescription eyeglasses online. Due to new laws that helped the patients and consumers, now glasses are available to the average person at affordable, every-day prices.

There have been insurmountable changes in the optical industry since the first magnification instrument was used to curve our vision. Glasses went from large, heavy wooden and glass objects, to the thin, light weight tools – that can even become thinner through the need of progressed lenses. The industry went from charging an arm and a leg to afford basic single vision glasses, to being able to even find affordable multifocal glasses! Furthermore, for ages the only options that were available to us consisted of heading into our local doctor’s office, waiting in line only to be “sold” a terribly expensive pair of glasses we didn’t necessarily even like! However, thanks to modern-day technology, you have the capability to find eye glasses online, from the comfort of your own home! Times sure have changed throughout the history of glasses!!