Back Pain Remedies

  • Author Burke Reiser
  • Published January 28, 2012
  • Word count 536

Today we are looking at some natural remedies for back pain. Unless you have a serious back issue that requires surgery or you have a slipped disk (ouch) your doctor can do nothing for you other than to prescribe some pain killers. The following remedies are for the people who do not require surgery and are looking for quick relief methods that can help with the pain and also alleviate the problem altogether. Okay, let’s jump straight in shall we.

Move Around:

A simple approach to alleviating back pain I know, however, conventional wisdom dictates that you should rest your back when doctors and practitioners alike say that the best remedy is to keep moving. If you are going to lie down then we suggest that you always lie on your back with a pillow or two situated under your knees. Never lie face down.

Hot Baths:

Probably the most effective natural remedies for back pain there is. Resting in a hot bath can help increase the elasticity of your muscles, thus, this can help relax and even eliminate the back pain completely after 20 minutes or so, providing your condition is not really serious.

Note: Pregnant women should not try this method as it is not recommended to lie in a hot bath for too long as this can raise the body temperature to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and for long periods this can be dangerous for the baby.

New Mattress:

Maybe your old mattress is sagging and you’re in need of a much sturdier one. An old sagging mattress can be the cause of your back problem, and if it is not, then it can worsen your condition. Check to see if this is the case and decide whether it’s time for out with the old and in with the new. You can place a 3 ¼ inch thick piece of board under your mattress if you are on a budget.

Get a Massage:

Okay, this is definitely one of my favorite natural remedies for back pain for obvious reasons. Ask your spouse/partner to rub some warm oils into your back and work those muscles.

Chamomile Tea:

Used as a relaxer for your muscles by many experts. Chamomile is also used to relieve stress which can be a determining factor related to back pain.

Epsom Salts:

These can be used to reduce swelling and as a result, alleviate back pain. Pour two cups into a warm bath and soak for half an hour.

Ginger Root:

I have used Ginger for many ailments in the past and also recommend this as one of the natural remedies for back pain you should definitely try for yourself. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can work like aspirin. Take 2 – 3 slices and add to boiling water. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes and then cool for another 30 minutes, add in a little bit of honey for taste and drink.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope these natural remedies for back pain do you the world of good. Whether it’s a yeast infection treatment or natural remedies for hot flashes you need, we provide the best natural remedies for all symptoms and we update every day. To your continuing health…always.