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How San Pedro Medical Marijuana Helps Medical Conditions

  • Author Kevin Schmiterson
  • Published September 13, 2012
  • Word count 400

San Pedro is a port town that is located within Los Angeles in California. It is mostly known as being a fishing community, but there are also plenty of places that grow and dispense cannabis for diseases and illness. Much has been made lately about all of the conditions that San Pedro medical marijuana can help treat. One of the most common diseases that patients get prescriptions for is that of cancer. The reason that doctors in states that have approved cannabis to treat certain conditions prescribe it for cancer is that it helps with the effects of chemotherapy.

When a patient has cancer and requires chemotherapy treatment, it is very unpleasant. It causes the patient’s hair to fall out, it causes nausea, and it causes a lot of body pain. When a cancer patient uses medicinal cannabis, it helps to relieve some of the symptoms. It helps to settle the stomach so that there is not that much nausea and vomiting associated with the use of chemo. It also has the effect of a muscle relaxer on the body so that much of the pain is abated for a while. This enables the patient to have a better quality of life while they are on the chemo.

Of course, another good thing about San Pedro medical marijuana is that it helps patients regain their appetite. Pretty much everyone knows that smoking cannabis causes you to feel extremely hungry. When you are suffering from conditions or treatments that make you sick to your stomach, it is virtually impossible to get the necessary nutrients needed to help with your immune system. By using this treatment, it helps to stop the nausea and also stimulates the appetite so that the patient will actually feel like eating food.

Scientists are always studying the effects of San Pedro medical marijuana on different medical conditions. It seems like every year we are hearing about another disease or condition that medicinal cannabis can help with. It is not that it helps to treat the disease or condition itself – rather it helps to make it so that the patient can go about their everyday life in the best way possible. When a patient experiences a horrible condition and then the treatment is almost worse than the condition itself, any type of relief is welcome – even if it is in the form of smoking or eating some cannabis.