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How to Seek Help for Oxyneo Addiction

  • Author Tyler King
  • Published May 5, 2012
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Oxyneo is fast becoming a popular drug of choice among painkiller addicts. Marketed as a less addictive form of Oxycontin, the drug is nevertheless proving to be a marked failure in not causing dependency in its users.

All about Oxyneo

A powerful opioid pain relief medication, Oxy-Neo was introduced as a less addictive alternative to Oxycontin. Oxycontin has long been notorious among healthcare professionals for its highly addictive properties.

The pharmaceutical industry claims the new formulation present in Help for Oxyneo Addiction has a built in timed release action that prevents the rush Oxycontin used to give its users. They also claim to have changed the consistency and composition of the pill to make it less easy to dissolve (the diluted or crushed forms of a drug is easier for the system to absorb, giving a more powerful ‘rush’ than when ingested the usual way). Nevertheless, data shows that the new drug is still gravely addictive and can create dependency in users.

Seeking Help for Oxyneo Addiction

The first and foremost way of ensuring a safe and successful recovery from any form of opioid addiction is to seek treatment as soon as possible. As time passes, detox becomes exponentially more difficult and painful.

Unlike many other addictions, going cold turkey is not an option with opioid addictions. Rather, the detox process needs to be conducted in a controlled atmosphere, and under the supervision of qualified healthcare professionals. This is because withdrawal from the drug can cause powerful physical and psychological discomforts to patients.

Fortunately, most detox center staff are qualified to offer medication that can ease the withdrawal pangs without causing a similar addiction in users. Several institutions even keep their patients under sedation during the rapid detox treatment programs.

This type of programs is typically for those who want an accelerated cure instead of the regular 28-day inpatient programs or 12-week community programs. In a rapid Oxyneo detox treatment, the patient is anesthetized for a couple of hours while medication is given that encourage the body to expel the opioids present in the system.

However, most therapists and de-addiction experts encourage victims to opt for the community-based programs since studies show that these have the highest success rates in helping former addicts regain their places as productive members of society.

Whichever treatment plan you and your family decide on, do not forget the importance of unconditional love and support to helping the victim achieve a permanent cure.