Abolish the Myths & Make Los Angeles Chiropractor A Part of Your Wellness Lifestyle – keep healthy

Abolish the Myths & Make Los Angeles Chiropractor A Part of Your Wellness Lifestyle

  • Author Dr Scott J. Fox
  • Published April 30, 2012
  • Word count 836

As successful as chiropractic has turned out in Los Angeles, there are plenty of myths circulating among the common masses. Times have certainly changed for better, but the truth is that large number of people still do not know and understand what a chiropractor does. Let us have a look about some of the common myths about chiropractic practitioners.

Myths 1) – Chiropractic Practitioners are Not Real Doctors:

A chiropractic university grants a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree (D.C). Chiropractic practitioners are licensed and accredited as health care providers in every state of America and dozens of nations around the globe. While the competition for admission in chiropractic colleges is not as intense as in medical colleges, the medical school and chiropractor curricula are virtually identical and gigantically rigorous. In fact, chiropractic practitioners undergo more hours of classroom learning as compared to their medical counterparts. As an important aspect of learning, chiropractic pupils have to do residency working with real patients in a clinical setting, administered by licensed chiropractic doctors. Once chiropractic pupils graduate, they have to clear 4 sets of National Board of examinations and State Board Exams in the states where they wish to practice.

Akin to medical practitioners, chiropractic doctors are professionals, who are subject to an identical kind of examination procedures, licensing and administrating by national and state peer-reviewed boards. Moreover, state and federal programs, like Workers’ Compensation Programs, Medicad and Medicare cover chiropractic health care procedures and all national agencies accept sick-leave certificates signed by chiropractic doctors. They are also commissioned as high-grade offices in army.

The biggest difference between chiropractic and medical practitioners lies not in the level of their respective education, but in their preferred technique of caring for people. Medical practitioners are trained and expert in the use of surgery and medications. As a result, if you suffer from any sort of chemical problem like hypothyroidism, diabetes or skin infection, medical doctors can be extremely helpful. However, in case your health ailment is that you have soft-tissue damage that causes pain or your spine is skewed, there is no medication available that can fix such disorders. You require a physical remedy to rectify physical disorders, and this is where a chiropractor comes for your rescue. They render physical solutions such as exercises, muscle therapy, adjustments and stretches in order to help the body heal properly from conditions that are primarily physical in origin- back ache, poor posture, headaches and muscle spasms.

Another difference is the fact that it is totally appropriate to obtain chiropractic health care even in case you do not possess any symptoms. Opposed to standard medical practitioners, whom you consult with when you have a health problem to be treated, chiropractic doctors render adjustments to correct spinal misalignment and overall health before symptoms develop.

Medical Practitioners Do Not Like Chiropractic Doctors:

Up till the late 1970s and early 1980s, the medical establishment deliberately conspired to demolish the profession of chiropractic care. However, in 1980s a landmark suit in Supreme Court of Illinois found out that American Association was culpable of conspiracy and was ordered to pay restitution to the profession of chiropractor.

Since 20 years, the outlook of most medical doctors has transformed, numerous major researches have unveiled the superiority of chiropractic care in aiding people with a host of health conditions, and medical physicians developed a better opinion and understanding as to what chiropractor doctors actually do. A large number of people have returned to their respective medical doctors and mentioned them the excellent results they incurred with the help of the chiropractic doctors. Hospitals across Los Angeles now have chiropractic doctors on staff, and a lot of chiropractic clinics have medical doctors on staff. Chiropractic practitioners and medical doctors are in the current times much more comfortable working hand in hand in cases where medical care is essential as an adjunct to chiropractic treatment.

Myth 3) – Once you begin visiting a chiropractic Doctor, You will have to Keep Going for the Rest of Your Life

This statement often comes up whenever the topic of chiropractic care is discussed. It is just partially true. You will only need to continue going to a chiropractor as long as you want to maintain the good health of your neuromusculoskeletal mechanism. Consulting a chiropractic doctor is much like exercising at the gym, eating a nutritional diet and visiting a dentist; as long as you can keep it up, you continue to avail its benefits.

Many years ago, dental surgeons swayed everyone that an ideal time to go them is before your tooth hurts. A routine dental care will undoubtedly help your teeth and gums remain white and healthy for a longer time. The same goes for chiropractic care of your muscles, spine and knees. It is vitally eminent to remember that akin to your teeth, your spines and body muscles experience normal degradation as you walk, lift, bend, sleep and drive. Regular chiropractic care can aid you stay healthier throughout your life, walk with more freedom and feel much better.