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Herbs For Menopause Symptom Relief

  • Author John Cimble
  • Published April 9, 2012
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Menopause is clinically defined as the end of menstruation. By the time a woman reaches menopause she has no eggs left and the ovaries stop producing the female sex hormone estrogen. This rapid fluctuation in hormone levels can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms which can be prevented and relieved with a healthy diet, regular exercise and specific herbs for menopause symptom relief.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

The symptoms experienced at menopause vary widely from woman to woman. While some women seemingly sail effortlessly through “the change of life” with no symptoms other than a welcome absence of periods, others are plagued by hot flashes that leave them breathless and embarrassed during the day and night sweats that deprive them of sleep on a nightly basis. Other symptoms women commonly report include vaginal dryness, weight gain around the waist, fatigue, joint pains, depression and anxiety. Many of these symptoms can be effectively relieved with lifestyle changes and specific herbs for menopause, but unfortunately women are too often steered in the direction of harsh synthetic drugs by the conventional medical


Treatment options – Hormone Replacement Therapy

Despite the negative publicity surrounding the treatment, most Western women who visit their doctors to report uncomfortable menopause symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes are offered Hormone Replacement Therapy. In some cases women are even prescribed HRT, only to find that the symptoms they are experiencing have not even been triggered by menopause at all. In light of the gathering mound of research linking Hormone Replacement Therapy to fatal health conditions and diseases such as blood clots, heart disease and breast cancer, this casual approach to diagnosis and treatment is alarming.

Herbs for menopause – the natural alternative to HRT?

There are two distinct groups of herbs for menopause treatment: phytoestrogenic and non estrogenic herbs. Although both of these types of herb are beneficial to menopausal women because they help to promote hormonal balance, they work in different ways.

Phytoestrogenic herbs contain a substance called phytoestrogens which has a very similar chemical structure to the female sex hormone estrogen. When these phytoestrogens are ingested on a regular basis they help to act as a substitute for estrogen in the body, replenishing lost hormones and promoting hormone balance in menopausal women. Non-estrogenic herbs for menopause do not contain any natural chemical compound that is similar to estrogen. These kinds of herbs help to promote hormonal balance by prompting the endocrine system to create its own estrogen. This boost in estrogen production can be very beneficial to menopausal women struggling with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Women who are struggling to cope with menopausal symptoms should be made aware of the full range of treatment options on offer before committing to potentially harmful prescription drugs. There are a range of both phytoestrogenic and non-estrogenic herbs for menopause that provide effective yet natural relief.