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Eczema and Candida Remedies

  • Author James Vanheerden
  • Published February 1, 2012
  • Word count 532

Eczema and Candida therapy will be much simpler to use if you understand how Candida sets off all the various kinds of infection in your body. Out of the nearly 100 symptoms that Candida is capable of causing, the most common are skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Candida infection must necessarily be considered as one of the sources of the eruption of any of a number of skin problems.

Yeast or microscopic fungi occur naturally in and on the human body. They are present on all surfaces and one of the most well-known is systemic Candida Albicans. This micro-organism, which is a fungus, lives in balance in the body with other harmless bacteria and causes no harm. However, it is very important that these bacteria and other digestive flora in the digestive and various other body systems, maintains the correct balance; especially in certain moist and private parts of the body.

The body keeps a healthy pH level of 6.4, measured in the saliva or urine and this is very important to support normal healthy levels of the Candida and other fungi. Under these conditions, a healthy body is capable of protecting itself. However, consuming too much sugar, acidic foods and/or carbohydrates will provide a perfect environment for the Candida to flourish and filter through the intestinal walls to infect the rest of the body.

A sensible diet with adequate sleep, exercise and relaxation will augment the numerous natural ways to support the body’s immune system. Candida levels can furthermore be kept in check by steering clear of excess quantities of sugar, dietary yeast, grains, dairy products and most process foods. You can also include al lot of fresh raw vegetables in your diet to fight off infection.

Research has confirmed that the natural herbal remedies that have been used for many years for the treatment of Candida, supports the immune system and helps it to maintain the correct pH and a balanced probiotic level. The solution to Candida infection is to ensure that the concentration of the organism does not breed beyond the limit that your body can effectively combat and to that effect, certain natural herbal remedies can be consumed to enhance the healing process.


However, even when Candidiasis is confirmed, treatment can be very controversial. There are three basic approaches to the treatment of Candidiasis:-

  • Anti-fungal drugs like inter alia Nystatin and Lamisil stops the growth of the fungi or just kills it. However many yeasts are resistant to Nystatin and care should be taken when using it.

  • Natural dietary supplements like garlic, olive oil or Psyllium husk can also be helpful in treating Candidiasis.

  • A formulation of potent herbs that have a long history of traditional use to help keep your digestive system tract healthy.

  • You will also have to adjust your diet in addition to the medication you take.

When the normal flora of intestinal bacteria is disturbed it can lead to the abnormal proliferation of Candida and it will be a good idea to recolonize it by probiotic supplements. Avoid antibiotic drugs as far as possible as this can contribute to the abnormal eradication of the normal bacterial flora of the intestines.