Slump Busting

  • Author Devara Garrison
  • Published July 17, 2020
  • Word count 395

So far we’ve talked about hitting The Wall and how to beat cravings. But what about that slump? The slump is the place you find yourself when you’re mentally fatigued or burned out on the changes you’re making and feel the pull to go back to old habits. How do we avoid those mental traps and pitfalls? We’ve laid the foundations for good habits, compiled tools and tips to get us through hard moments… But what about those hard days, or stressful weeks? How do we find the mental fortitude to keep going?

The Reframe.

By reframing the situation and our feelings around it, we can begin to pull ourselves out of the slump while building our mental strength and willpower. Reframing is all about taking a step back and shifting the perspective on a situation.

Step 1. Write the thought down.

“Keeping up with these new changes is impossible!”

Emma Matthews

Step 2. Write out your thoughts and feelings on the situation.

I can’t do this.

I want to give up.

It’s not worth it.

I’m frustrated, tired and overwhelmed.

Step 3. Create alternative thoughts.

I can do this.

I don’t really want to give up. I want this too much to give up.

My health and wellness IS worth it.

I need to meet my needs for rest, decompression and relaxation.

Victor Garcia

Step 4. List the supporting evidence for the alternative thoughts.

I’ve done things harder than this before.

I’ve planned for these changes, I’m ready for these changes and I’ve already taken steps to succeed.

My health is important to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have prepared and planned for my success. The changes I make will last a lifetime.

Step 5. Write down your feelings and emotions post-reframe.

Center or ground yourself, breathe and examine how you feel after challenging the initial thoughts with the alternatives.

I feel confident in my choices. I feel less anxious about the changes. I feel empowered to keep going.

By re-framing our thoughts, we can bust that slump and keep moving forward in our journey. With practice, reframing can become a new habit that further supports us along the way. The reframing exercise can be used in all areas of our lives to help us to re-energize ourselves, find our momentum, and overcome our biggest obstacle, ourselves.